Sorry Squirt but I was busy moving house!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks Squirt but I think its just about all over. I was very sad leaving our old house but here is a pic of my new house. It looks nicer on the outside than it is on the inside but I’m trying hard to make it home. I call the spare room ‘Pias room’ and I have got some pictures for you in there. I’m hoping that when you visit soon you might want to stay the night? It is great for walks and it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the castle (or Scott and Lauras house as you know it). I can see the sea from the bedroom windows too. It does have its plus points.


Anyway, I’ll be updating this far more often now that I’m back online.


Love you Pia MacLoed. xxx


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Crabs Galore…

Hey Squirt,

Hope all is well in Englandshire.  Heard you had some storms last night – hope you didn’t get blown away!!!  Was at the beach for a bit the other day and although the water was still chilly cold I put my arm in and pulled out a crab.  He was pretty feisty but he didn’t nip me.




Love you xxx

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Hi Popsicles.

Sorry there hasn’t been much on here for a bit Squirt – Mummy said you were looking and if I hasn’t changed I’d hate to think you might have been disappointed.  The truth is that I haven’t been up to much.  Lots of boring work is all I have been doing since I hurt my hand.  Its been getting better and better every day so hopefully I’ll be back in action in no time.

I mentioned last week that I thought that Spring might be on its way…….well I may have spoken too soon – it was snowing at the weekend and its pretty cold.  Its strange though because even though its cold some of the birds like the Curlews and the noisy Oyster Catchers have all moved away from the shore lines and they are now in the fields.


The Curlew is the largest wading bird in Briton and feeds mainly on worms in the fields and all sorts of worms and mussels and small clams at the sea shore.  They blend in very well with there surroundings (its called camouflage) so there can take a bit of spotting.  They make a really beautiful noise.  Most of the wading birds make distinctive noises.

You can tell I don’t have much on when I start telling you about random birds.  Anyway, I know you are a little sponge so maybe you’ve learnt something.

Pia MacLeod………..I DO LOVE YOU! XXX


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Not much happening

It’s all been pretty quiet here Squirt. I hope you big adventure to London went well but I bet your tired now. I’ve been kinda busy with work but appart from that there is not much news. There is someone else here apart from me who is missing you loads – Click below and see what happens……………

Love you as much as ever

Daddy xxx

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Dinner at the castle

Hi Little Girl. I hope your feeling better. Try and make sure you eat Squirt. Food gives you energy and you need energy to get better. I had a good meal tonight – I went to Scott and Laura’s for dinner. We had chicken lasagna with a baked potato. It was delicious. Fleet and Boris were there too. As usual Boris was doing the biggest tat tats but then Scott and Daddy were too. Must have been Laura’s good cooking.


Hope you have a good weekend Squirt. I look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Give Mummy a big hug for me.


Love you xxx

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Is it Spring time?

Hi Squirt. Hope your feeling better and I hope you and Mummy got a good nights sleep. Yesterday I was walking Through the gardens at Skibo and I noticed some Insects buzzing around. I watched them for a while as there aren’t that many insects around over the winter time. When I was walking back to the car the sun felt warm on the side of my face and the birds were all in song. It was then it dawned on me……was this the first day of Spring? Today is much the same – birds singing and blue sky. I like the challenges of winter and the sense of sanctury and the end of each day when all the jobs are done and you can sit in front of the fire, but, this year,  I am looking forward to the Spring.

Garden heather 13/02/2007

Hope the sun is shining on you today Little Girl.


Love you and miss you. Daddy xxx

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That’s how the weekend has been Squirt. Had a nature walk on Saturday in the morning which was nice. There were 2 little girls but the weather was so cold that they didn’t last too long. On Saturday afternoon was spent doing some cleaning, playing with Pebbles and Tammy, and watching some rugby. And today has been much the same – kinda boring really.

It sounds like your weekend has been much more exciting than mine – seeing some horses and hair cuts.

I’m looking forward to hearing what your up to this week.  I’m sure Mummy has lots planned.

Hope your smiling!  Love you.


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