We’ve been busy!

Gee whiz Squirt – we have been soooooo busy! Mummy, daddy and you all put up the xmas tree together. This year I bought you a very special Christmas Angel (just like in your book) and I’m hoping that you will keep it forever. That way every time you put up the Christmas tree it will remind you of Daddy. You gave her a great big kiss but the tree was too tall for you to put the Angel up so Daddy had to do it for you. Its hard top believe that One day you will be able to do it your self although you have had a growth spirt lately?!



Then yesterday I got my climbing gear out. I’m thinking about doing some more climbingPia climbing again and there is another man who lives in Brora who is also interested. Anyway you too a liking to all the gear and you had to have a go! So I put the harness on and swung you around the kitchen and you laughed and laughed. ‘A big huge one!’ is what you kept saying and I ended up swinging you so much that mummy couldn’t watch any more. Then Mummy had a go in the harness and although the two of us could pick her up she was a bit to heavy to swing. Daddy got tired so I simply hung you from the front door and you were quite happy – for a while at least anyway!


Finally we get to today! I think you had a great time but right now you are very tired and mummy is giving you a bath but I think you are being a bit tricky. We all went to the falls of Shin for a play in the playground and a milkshake. There was a climbing frame in the playground and all that practice yesterday must have help because it was amazing watching you go up the cargo net – it was at least 6ft high! Mummy and I were very proud. We figured that after that you deserved a milkshake so we went inside and what a surprise – There was Santa! The first thing you did was cover your mince pie because you were worried that Santa might eat it – I thought that was really funny. Then after waving to him across the room you went over and asked him if he wanted a cup of tea. He sad that was the first time a child had ever asked him that! You were very cute!

Pia and Santa


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