Its been a while……….

Frost on leaves

…………cause daddy messed up the computer! Pia – I have a bit of a bad habbit. You see I know a bit about a lot but I probably think I know more than I do. Anyway I changed the setings on the computer and then couldn’t fix it again. So I had to do what i think is quite humiliating for most men – I had to admit defeat and call the helpline. Its fixed now.

So Santa came and Christmas went smoothly. It was actually Mummy that got up early and she then woke both of us up.Pia opening presents You were a bit upset that Santa didn’t leave you any mince pie but you pretty quickly forgot about all of that when you saw all the presents. I think the Fairy Wonderland was your favorite. After you opened all your presents Mummy made us a very special breakfast with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs – yum. The funny thing was that after all of that and getting up so early you and I were pretty tired so we both got back into bed – your bed! It was very cosy.

Pia and Daddy in bed

After that we got dressed and went around to Grandmas and GrampasIt was a very frosty morning and the frost lasted all day, met Aunty Juju, Aunty Kath and Iain and you got lots more presents! Then we ate a great lunch that Grandma took a long time to cook. You were very excited all day and you did a lot of jumping on the new trampoline that you got. You slept very well that night…..I think we all did.

Since that things have been very normal. I have been very busy with work and you have been at Grandmas and Grandpas a lot because Busy Bees are closed for the holidays, there are open again next week though. Its not long now till you go to Nanas and Papas so we will have to make sure that next week is a great one.

Love you Squirt!



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