Hi Squirt – only less than a week to go now until you go with Mummy to nanas and papas so we have been pretty busy but the highlight of my weekend was the two of us going for a walk yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny winters morning and at every junction I let you choose which way to go – we could have ended up anywhere! We saw Minstral the horse and then Hamish the cat followed us for a while too. At the top of the street there were dozens of birds cheep cheeping away. We stood there for a while watching them. Then we had to walk down the icy icy road. You slipped, I slipped so daddy had to teach you to walk on the grassy bits and on the rough bits on the road. Once you worked it out you were pretty please with yourself…..and I was so proud of you.

Going to miss you so much little girl.

Daddy xxx

Pia on a Winter Walk.


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