Hi Little Girl

p1000463.jpgWell its been over a week since you went down to nanas and papas. As much as I’ve tried to keep myself busy I have been missing you more than you could ever know.

Last weekend I went to Aviemore to play in the snow. I had a really good weekend and learnt lots but I couldn’t take any pics…..sorry. The whole time I was there I was thinking that I was just about the only person I know that would have found it such fun. Anyway on sunday night I had a long drive home and I was soooo tired – it seemed to take forever! I had a goo sleep in on monday morning though.

This week there has been loads of snow in Brora and Golspie too. I’ve had lots of your to do on the trails and yesterday I went for a bike ride up Ben Bhraggie. There was so much snow I couldn’t ride my bike, I couldn’t even push it! For a lot of the way up the hill I had to carry my bike.


The snow was so deep in places it was up to my thighs. I was leaving the only tracks in the snow that I could see apart from other animals. I saw prints from deer, grouse pheasants, fox and even a badger! I felt like I was the only person in the world. At the top the views were great but only short because the cloud kept coming in and swirling around and when it did that you couldn’t see anything. Coming down was good fun – if I kept going fast enough the tires would float on top of the snow and it was a bit like surfing but when I had to brake the wheels would dig deep into the snow and I fell off quite a bit! I really like riding my bike in the snow and ice – it was really tiring but a great day.


Snow and Ice

Anyway Squirt, you are on an adventure of you own today – off to Abu Dhabi. Am a bit worried that I won’t get your bath time phone calls but I know you will be having a great time. Give Mummy a kiss and a cuddle for me. I love you Little Girl. xxx


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