Hi Squirt.  Its Sunday night and I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to over the weekend.  Its not a great deal really.  Friday was Australia Day.  It marks the day that the First Fleet (the first people who arrived to settle in Australia)  arrived in the year 1788.  They must have been very brave people.  In Australia it is a day of great celebration.  I got up early to watch the cricket – Australia beat England (again!) so I should be pleased and I am but I would have liked to see some decent competition.  Still, if Australia is give anyone a good hiding there is no one better than the poms.  I went out for dinner that night with some other people from Australia and it was nice.

I was back to Skibo on Saturday and I had a big audience but things went smoothly  Then I went for a bike ride in Golspie and met up with some friends.  Its been very windy again and more trees have fallen over so that has kept me busy.  After that I had to go to Inverness to pick up some hawk food and while I was there I wanted to go to the climbing wall but I was really disappointed to find it closed – someone had fallen and there was an ambulance there.  I was really looking forward to climbing but I also took my camera and wanted some photos for you.

Today I haven’t done much – done some household jobs, some exercise, Gregor came around but I’ve been pretty lazy.

pict1205.jpg This is one of the photos I did take this weekend.  Its Stan Still – remember the boxing man in the side shed?  Anyway, its not a pretty picture, but a good picture doesn’t necessarily have to be.  At the moment though I’ve been using him a lot and in some weird way I can somehow relate to this photo at the moment.  I just hope it doesn’t scare you!

Speaking of photos, I have been really enjoying the camera phone pics mum has been sending – everyone of them has made me smile.  I was so pleased to see that you got to see your camel and I hope he didn’t spit at you!  I can’t wait to hear all about your holiday.  I know your so young but I know you will be learning lots.

Pia MacLeod………..I DO LOVE YOU!



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