Hi Popsicles.

Sorry there hasn’t been much on here for a bit Squirt – Mummy said you were looking and if I hasn’t changed I’d hate to think you might have been disappointed.  The truth is that I haven’t been up to much.  Lots of boring work is all I have been doing since I hurt my hand.  Its been getting better and better every day so hopefully I’ll be back in action in no time.

I mentioned last week that I thought that Spring might be on its way…….well I may have spoken too soon – it was snowing at the weekend and its pretty cold.  Its strange though because even though its cold some of the birds like the Curlews and the noisy Oyster Catchers have all moved away from the shore lines and they are now in the fields.


The Curlew is the largest wading bird in Briton and feeds mainly on worms in the fields and all sorts of worms and mussels and small clams at the sea shore.  They blend in very well with there surroundings (its called camouflage) so there can take a bit of spotting.  They make a really beautiful noise.  Most of the wading birds make distinctive noises.

You can tell I don’t have much on when I start telling you about random birds.  Anyway, I know you are a little sponge so maybe you’ve learnt something.

Pia MacLeod………..I DO LOVE YOU! XXX



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