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Sorry Squirt but I was busy moving house!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks Squirt but I think its just about all over. I was very sad leaving our old house but here is a pic of my new house. It looks nicer on the outside than it is on the inside but I’m trying hard to make it home. I call the spare room ‘Pias room’ and I have got some pictures for you in there. I’m hoping that when you visit soon you might want to stay the night? It is great for walks and it only takes 10 minutes to walk to the castle (or Scott and Lauras house as you know it). I can see the sea from the bedroom windows too. It does have its plus points.


Anyway, I’ll be updating this far more often now that I’m back online.


Love you Pia MacLoed. xxx


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Crabs Galore…

Hey Squirt,

Hope all is well in Englandshire.  Heard you had some storms last night – hope you didn’t get blown away!!!  Was at the beach for a bit the other day and although the water was still chilly cold I put my arm in and pulled out a crab.  He was pretty feisty but he didn’t nip me.




Love you xxx

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